• nmiller00 March 4, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    I find that certain white teas are amazing and some are less than appealing. Sometimes the tea blossoms after a few infusions and sometimes you are just left with a pale looking cuppa that makes you say “meh”. All in all, I think white tea really depends on the person. I’ve talked to other tea drinkers and they are all about some of these white teas and I was like, um, yeah, no- didn’t get that at all. That’s what is great about tea! So many great varieties to try and experiment with!


  • Pierogis for dinner! I fried some bacon, boiled some pierogis, and saved the bacon fat to finish them with. Also added some smoked paprika and bbq seasoning to the pan. #yummy
  • Last night we went to the bulk food store to get spices for the (then-empty) spice cabinet. I am ridiculously satisfied to see it all full and labelled. #home #cooking
  • First breakfast at the condo, plus first cup of tea. Sitting on the balcony, and there's a nice breeze.
  • I'm moving out into my own condo. Today I am packing up my teaware. Many thanks to @yunnan_sourcing for always packing their orders in toooooonnnnnnns of bubble wrap! #tea #teaware #isthisenoughbubblewrap
  • Godiva hot chocolate and strawberry marshmallows. A good way to end this cold, snowy night.
  • I baked a LOT of banana bread today, you guys. #merrychristmas
  • Klingon Bloodwine at the new @stormcrowmanor in Toronto. I drank and made my ancestors proud!
  • Freshly roasted red peppers with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt. They're still warm from the grill.

If you aren't jealous, you probably don't have tastebuds. #yummy #goodbyesummer


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