• Lenore Hietkamp January 1, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    That’s a great list. You have 33 varieties of pu erh! That’s astonishing. I didn’t even there were that many.

    • Christina January 9, 2018 at 9:58 am

      Yuuup. Pu’erh is like wine. Most tea-growing regions have their own varieties, and differences occur because of region, cultivar, and processing method. There are literally THOUSANDS. And, just like wine, fluctuations in climate mean that harvests vary from year to year, so you can have “good” and “bad” years.


  • The cookbooks I ordered on NYE came in the mail today. Looking forward to learning how to make bread.
  • Pierogis for dinner! I fried some bacon, boiled some pierogis, and saved the bacon fat to finish them with. Also added some smoked paprika and bbq seasoning to the pan. #yummy
  • Last night we went to the bulk food store to get spices for the (then-empty) spice cabinet. I am ridiculously satisfied to see it all full and labelled. #home #cooking
  • First breakfast at the condo, plus first cup of tea. Sitting on the balcony, and there's a nice breeze.
  • I'm moving out into my own condo. Today I am packing up my teaware. Many thanks to @yunnan_sourcing for always packing their orders in toooooonnnnnnns of bubble wrap! #tea #teaware #isthisenoughbubblewrap
  • Godiva hot chocolate and strawberry marshmallows. A good way to end this cold, snowy night.
  • I baked a LOT of banana bread today, you guys. #merrychristmas
  • Klingon Bloodwine at the new @stormcrowmanor in Toronto. I drank and made my ancestors proud!


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