A close-up photo of me. I've got dark wavy hair, and I'm wearing purple glasses, a silver necklace, and a burgundy shirt.

Hi there! I’m Christina Vasilevski. When I started Books & Tea in 2015, I was looking for a way to talk about my favourite hobbies — reading SF/F books and trying out different varieties of tea — without cluttering up my main professional presence on the web. Since then, I’ve been nominated for two Aurora Awards for my book reviews and author interviews.

However, the pandemic has really shifted my priorities. After fruitlessly beating myself up for not maintaining the same level of activity I had a few years ago, I’ve decided that I’m happy just posting about my personal life and things I find interesting. Those things could be book-related if the mood strikes, but you’ll just as likely see posts about my cats, the gardening I’m doing, or random links I’ve stumbled across. Despite all this, I still have a moderately ridiculous amount of tea.

I live in the Greater Toronto Area with my husband and two cats, and by day I work as a content designer and content strategist with a Canadian bank. If you’re curious about the professional side of my life, visit www.christinavasilevski.com.

If you’re otherwise interested in getting in touch, you can email me at info [at] booksandtea [dot] ca.