• Chris July 31, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    While only the first half of Uprooted was in the. voter package, the rest could be accessed by writing the publisher. I did and finished it. It really is fantastic in so many ways, it absolutely deserves to be read in full. And I specifically include its politics in that. I found choosing between it and The Fifth Season for Best Novel to be painful. I settled on The Fifth Season as #1, Uprooted as #2, on tone. Uprooted was ultimately more hopeful, less apocalyptic. That makes it a more pleasant, less harrowing read, but also less in tune with the spirit of 2015/2016. Nihilism v. indigenism. Those really are the two poles of my own politics and, while I rationally endorse indigenism over nihilism, this past and current year really cry out for a nihilist response.

    After that, things get easier. Binti and Penric’s Demon, which actually strike me as being very similar stories, if told in completely different styles, settings and characters: this is what solidarity means. No award for short story, related work, editor long form, fancast, fan writer, and fan artist. Strange Horizon and BCS for semiprozine. I think I’m going with Lady Business, File 770, and No Award for fanzine. And, yes, Alyssa Wong, Andy Weir, No Award for the Campbell. I’ve blanked (rather than No-Awarded) some categories where I don’t feel able to make a choice, based on what I’ve read/seen. I may still put in a vote on editor short form and on novelette (in the latter case, mostly to make sure No Award beats anything by Castalia House).

    Thanks for sharing, Christina!

  • David Goldfarb August 1, 2016 at 3:18 am

    You do realize that not one penny of that 50 USD actually goes to the publishers, right? (Or for that matter the creators.) Their only incentive not to “half-ass it” is the advertising value — which I don’t think matters a whole lot to Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

    Up until about a decade ago, there wasn’t any packet, period: all you got for your money was the right to nominate and vote. It was up to you as a voter to track down the nominees yourself. There’s really no inherent reason why you should get anything more than that even now.

  • Nicholas Whyte August 6, 2016 at 6:18 am

    Hi Christina,

    I am next year’s Hugo administrator, and I’m gratified to see your engagement and analysis with this year’s awards! I just wanted to clarify the situation with the $50 fee and the voter packet. They are not in fact directly related. $50 gets you a Supporting Membership of this year’s Worldcon, and therefore a vote in the Hugos (and nomination rights, but not a vote, next year).

    The packet is actually quite a recent development, in the last ten years; until then you paid your Membership fee and bought the books etc yourself. It is entirely voluntary, and while some publishers and authors decide that it’s better to include entire works, others don’t (and it’s unclear whether this makes much difference to the chances of winning). The publishers don’t see any of the $50 supporting membership fee. So it’s not really fair to blame them for not delivering value for it. You paid for your vote; the voter packet is an extra frill.


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