Venn pie-agram by Suzanne Wallace of Quirk Books.

It’s March the 14th, which means it’s Pi Day!

Tomorrow you may have to watch out for conspirators stabbing you in broad daylight, but today is for the communal enjoyment of round pastries filled with yummy, fruity, jammy goodness.

To celebrate, here’s a random assortment of pie-themed ways to add enjoyment to your day.

First, take some time to check out last year’s review of How to Bake Pi by Eugenia Cheng.

Next, read this highly scientific article full of OBJECTIVE FACTS proving that pie is superior to cake.

After that, regale yourselves with this jaunty tune about pi, sung to the melody of American Pie.

Finally, take some time to marvel in the glory of this handmade Venn pie-agram. There’s even a recipe you can follow!

However, my favourite type of pie is the cutie-pie, and just like regular pies, these two cutie-pies are somewhat round:

And, if after all of this you still need additional pie-themed goodness in your life, here’s the world’s most accurate pie chart: