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Tea Time Links #6

I’m sick and it’s freezing outside. Which, you would think, is the perfect time to start drinking tea, but I’m drinking so much, and sucking down so many cough drops, that right now my body just wants EVERYTHING SALT to balance it all out.

So that’s what’s going on with me. In the meantime, here are some fun tidbits for you to enjoy.

Book Links

Last week I bought Emily Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey. I’m looking forward to reading it, because every single review I’ve read makes it sound so good. Snap up your own copy if you can.

I’m not a fan of this article’s insistence on centering European languages in contrast with many indigenous languages, but this look at the complexity and recursion of written languages like English is fascinating.

Tea Links

OMG, Mel Had Tea got married this summer! She writes about her wedding (in a yurt in Nova Scotia, of all places!) with such wit and grace. Her wedding photos look lovely as well. Congratulations, Mel! Also, my husband is named Rob, too, so obviously this is something that all the best tea bloggers have in common.

So, apparently the fact that I like to brew some oolongs at 85C means I’m “throwing money away.” Whatever, MarshalN. You still write interesting stuff about tea, even if I disagree with you.

Life, the Universe, and Everything Links

After last week’s uproar, Patreon has just announced today that they’re going back on their proposed changes and sticking with their current fee structure.

This look at Portugal’s history with drug decriminalization, and how it succeeded by also changing the public perception of drug addiction, is definitely worth a long, considered read.

It’s the holiday season. Holidays mean baking. And this recipe for cinnamon buns looks really good and really easy. I like the idea of making everything in a single bowl. Yum.


Persepolis Rising Book Launch


State of the Tea Cabinet, 2018

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  1. Eeee! I’m just seeing this! Thanks Christina. ❤ Robs are the best. So glad you have one too! They’re pretty great. Mine doesn’t even complain too much about all the tea clogging our kitchen sink, har har. Thanks for the shout out. ☺️

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