No tea review today, folks. But I *do* have cat photos.

Here’s Marco showing off his holiday spirit by investigating an inviting-looking box.


What part of “If I fits, I sits” do you not understand, human?


Here’s another of him trying to sneak into the suitcase we’re using for visiting my in-laws.


Gracie, incensed at Marco’s shameless cuteness, challenges him to a duel.

In case you're wondering, we're watching "Die Hard" — essential Christmas viewing.

In case you’re wondering, we’re watching “Die Hard” — essential Christmas viewing.

Finally, here’s a bunch of tea I ordered during Amoda Tea’s Black Friday sale  — I’m looking forward to reviewing them all next year.


Here’s hoping that over the next few days, we’ll all get a chance to drink some tea, pet a kitty, and read a book.