Happy New Year, folks!

It’s officially 2016, and I’ve been blogging here at Books and Tea for just over half a year. In order to keep the blogging up, I bought a LOT of tea in 2015. So much tea, in fact, that I’m pretty sure that I won’t run out this year even if I drink it every day and buy none at all during 2016.

But where’s the fun in that?

Of course, I won’t stop buying tea cold turkey. But I certainly can afford to slow down for a few months, at least. I figure that with past sample requests, past purchases, and incoming tea orders from 2015, I still have enough untasted tea to justify writing reviews for at least the next 3-4 months even if I make no additional purchases.

Let me repeat: I have A LOT of tea waiting in the wings to be reviewed. Hell, I even spent a good chunk of this past week going through my cupboard and tallying up all the tea I have. The numbers are quite intimidating.

Total number of teas in my cabinet: 156

Total weight of all teas: 3,449 grams, 3 blooming teas, and 50 individually-wrapped bags. That’s about 7.5 pounds!

Breaking it down even further, here’s what things look like:

Tea Type Number of Varieties Weight in Grams
Herbal 22  557.8 (plus 20 bags)
White 7  143.6
Green — Unflavoured 17  199.7 (plus 7 bags)
Green — Flavoured 13  195.8 (plus 2 bags and 2 blooming teas)
Black — Unflavoured 20  304.1 (plus 7 bags)
Black — Flavoured 20  291.6 (plus 10 bags and 1 blooming tea)
Pu’erh 35  1,422
Oolong 15  176.8
Rooibos 5  138.3 (plus 4 bags)
Yellow 2  19

Clearly, I have a lot tea to drink. (And I’ve got about a dozen more teas on the way!) I should be able to stay above water if I drink about 10 grams-worth of dry leaf a day.

If you’re a tea junkie, how much tea do you have in your cabinet? What are your tea buying plans for 2016?