I don’t visit thrift stores a lot, but I really should, because you can find all sorts of neat stuff if you know where to look. In early August, my husband and I went to the local Salvation Army together; I wasn’t expecting to find anything, but there happened to be quite a lot of ceramic teaware.

Which I then promptly bought. Because teapots!

First, this little fella caught my eye, although I resisted because I saw it as soon as I came in.


But then there was this tray, lying forlornly on a shelf atop a clothing rack. That’s just the right size for serving tea, I thought.


And finally, on a similar shelf, I saw this little pitcher. That would also be perfect for a gongfu session, I thought.


And of course, once I had those two things in hand, I went back to the entrance of the thrift store to find that tiny teapot, heart-in-mouth, as I hoped that no one else had coincidentally made off with it. And no one had!

So now I have the makings of what could be a perfect little tea service for future brews. And thus I have learned that thrift stores are pretty awesome places to find teaware. Don’t they all look happy together?