Happy December, everyone! I’m starting off the month with some fun news: a few months ago I was interviewed by Kevin Sonney for his podcast Productivity Alchemy, and it went live yesterday. You can listen to it here!

Kevin is married to Ursula Vernon, whose fiction I have greatly enjoyed for the past few years. I reviewed her kids book Harriet the Invincible a few years back, but she’s also well known for writing the Hugo-award-winning webcomic Digger (of which I have a first-edition omnibus copy!), and for writing various novels and short stories under the pen name T. Kingfisher.

Being a guest on this particular podcast means a lot to me because Ursula Vernon’s openness on social media about her experiences with ADHD was a significant factor behind me pursuing my own diagnosis. Her posts about it were so relatable that I realized that I probably had it too.

In the episode, I talk about how I stay organized and productive both in my role as a content designer and in my home life. We also talk about cats, music, the perils of Jira and Confluence, ADHD, Pokemon Go, and the value of having a creative outlet.

At the beginning of each episode, Kevin normally goes over a list of content warnings discussed during the interview, and then there‚Äôs a little pre-amble where he talks about his past week. The actual interview starts about 4-5 minutes in. At the end, he always asks his guests for a charity that his listeners can support, and since we recorded it a few days before the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, I recommended the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund.

I had so much fun talking to him about my work and my hobbies, and it was such a jolt to see my interview show up in yesterday’s feed. So take a listen!

Productivity Alchemy episode 278.