A few weeks ago, I tore through the first two books of the Vorkosigan series because of that wonderful post from last year by Foz Meadows. Now I’m allllmost done with The Stone Sky after pretty much inhaling The Obelisk Gate last week — a much overdue reading attempt on my part. I finally decided to read OB because it won the Hugo. Looking back, the win is totally deserved.

Anyways, here are some interesting links I’ve found over the past few months. Read and enjoy, and have some tea while you do so!

Book Links

  • ChiZine Publications is open to submissions until December 31, 2017. Considering they’re one of Canada’s most prominent publishers of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, this is pretty awesome. But what’s even better is that they’re specifically open to submissions from indigenous people, people of colour, people who are Deaf or have disabilities, non-binary/LGBTQIA+ people, people who identify as women, and biracial people. Definitely take a look if you’re a spec-fic writer who fits one or more of those identifiers.
  • The 2017 nominees for the Sunburst Award have been announced. There are some pretty good selections among the nominees this year.

Tea Links

Life, the Universe, and Everything Links