I’m not the first one to make this observation, but the beginning of July 2023 feels like a watershed moment in the enshittification of the internet.

I ran afoul of Twitter’s Rate Limit Exceeded bogeyman on Saturday, so I finally started posting on my Bluesky account that I set up in mid-June. It feels weird and frenetic there, like everyone’s trying to plant their little flags and put on their internet costumes as fast as possible. I don’t know if I like it there yet. Based on the vibe, I may stay with Mastodon, where it doesn’t feel de rigeur to coat your thoughts in a thick layer of snark.

Also on Saturday, my favourite Reddit app shut down, all because of Reddit’s decision to make API calls on third-party apps way more expensive. I’ve uninstalled it from my phone and drastically cut down on my Reddit usage.

The two things in combination left me feeling umoored — where was I supposed to go to waste time? Where was I going to get my quick dopamine fix? Where did my firehose of bullshit and trauma go?

And why, when doing so appeared to hold less value, did I feel compelled to post more?

Which brings me to this incredibly salient Bluesky post from John Scalzi the morning that the rate limit stuff became a thing:

A screen capture of John Scalzi quoting another poster on Bluesky.

The original post by @thesix.bsky.social says this:
"It's going to be a wild few years of an absolutely unusable internet while the CEOs realize that trying to mug every user at every level while also having AI generate all their content isn't 100% feasible."

Scalzi's quote post says this in response:
"I know it won't happen and may not even be feasible to happen anymore, but hear me out: Restart your blog, on a domain you own. Just to be sure when everything else collapses, people can still find you."

So, uh, hi again. The internet sucks, and hosting is kind of expensive, but I’m still here, and I’ve made sure to incorporate hosting costs into my budget because dammit, I’ve built some kind of life online, and I don’t know how to stop.

Now, because this rant is getting old, here’s random good stuff happening in my life.


I haven’t been as diligent about my community garden plot this year, especially since the wildfire smoke in the GTA has made it harder to visit in the mornings before work. However, this morning I harvested my first zucchini of the summer! I also pulled some fresh parsley, which I may use to make chimichurri to go with tonight’s dinner. And, as with last year and the year before, I have a truly comical amount of dill.

Drumming and music practice

True to my previous post, I did indeed get a third Rav Vast in a different scale, because they were offering a big discount in exchange for some social media posts. I got a C Golden Gate in exchange for posting a quick review of the scale, doing some improv, and doing a music cover.

Bonus! I’ll be performing for the first time ever at Ephemera reading series this coming September! I have 2 months to practice and compose something, which is just the motivation I need to continue with the Master the Handpan courses.

Tasty food

It’s hot and humid here in the GTA. This is the perfect weather to make one of my favourite summer salads, the crunchy cabbage salad with sesame ginger dressing from Budget Bytes. I’m also looking forward to rice wrap rolls filled with tofu and other greens, homemade tzatziki with fresh dill, corn, strawberries, and more fresh tomatoes than you can shake a stick at.