I didn’t plan to leave the blog alone for over 2 weeks, but here we are. I don’t have any tea or book stuff to talk about today, just some photos of what my life has been like lately.

So where have I been? Well, last weekend I took a trip to Vancouver! I was attending the annual conference for Editors Canada, a professional association that I’m part of. The conference moves from city to city each year, so a trip to Vancouver sounded like a great way to start the summer.

I got some nice swag while I was at there; the conference bag included a sample of tea called “Editors Blend” and there was an Etsy vendor there named Crafted Van who sold a book-and-tea-themed mug that was so perfect I couldn’t say no. I mean, look at this!


Books and tea really are all I need!

However, I was so busy with attending the conference that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy Vancouver’s tea culture — no trips to Murchie’s or The Chinese Tea Shop for me!

But really, there’s more to the city than just tea. So here’s a nice little treat for you: a look at some of the photos I took while my husband and I were on our trip to Vancouver. The conference hotel was near Stanley Park, so Mr. BooksandTea and I stayed mostly in the downtown core. Just click on each thumbnail image to see the full-sized version and any captions.